As part of the organization’s activities, Brig. Gen. (res.) David Katz initiated and manages the “Golani Trail” project.
At this time, the contents of the trail have begun to be uploaded to the Golani association’s website, in addition to marking it in the field.
The map of the trail, which is more than 1,200 km long and will be spread from Mount Hermon to Eilat, will be found at the link on the site.
A third of the trail has already been marked on the ground and the volunteers of the brigade have been working to finish it.
More than 20 sections of the path with maximum detail have been uploaded to the Hebrew site.
Another 30 trail segments are ready and will gradually uploaded to the web site in the coming weeks.
Pick a section and walk with your children, grandchildren and friends.
Illustrates several pictures from launching and marking the trail.