These days, the 50th anniversary of the Six-Day War is being dealt with very intensively.
As one of many, the heritage of the Golani Brigade.

Tombstones were renovated: Tel Faher,
one of the nine heritage sites and is the main site of the fallen of the Six Day War commemorating
Golani Brigade soldiers and six armored soldiers as well as 10 artillery soldiers
who in those years belonged to Battalion 334 belonging to the Golani brigade,

Tel Azzayat, where the fighters of the 51st Battalion are commemorated in the Six Day War, underwent renovations.

Access to the site was paved for family cars from the oil pipeline
to Tel Azzayat in coordination with Ministry of Defense officials,
KKL-JNF and Northern Command,as well as improved access
to Givat Ha’em and Golani’s main breakthrough route in the war.

Heritage signs in Givat Ha’em, from which the break-in to Syria took place in the Six-Day War.

The activities being carried out are to improve access to the sites,
renovate the tombstones, correct mistakes and replace some of the signs and tombstones,
as well as benches for the public convenience.

On June 8, 2017, a major event will be held to mark the 50th anniversary of the Six Day War in the Golani Brigade.

Gathering of people and a meeting in the Golden Park in Kiryat Shmona,
tours of the brigade’s battle sites in 1967, and a rally at the Golden Park

The Golani Brigade and the Golani Association embrace the 1967 fighters,
including the bereaved families and family members.