A farewell meeting with the legendary Golani officer, Col. (res.) Yom Tov Hazan

 The farewell meeting was a tribute to the great work of Yom Tov Chazan, which exemplifies many of the commanders and fighters of the Golani Brigade. During the meeting, the commanders told stories of the battle heritage of the brigade and the activities of Yom Tov, who served in a variety of positions in the brigade, including the deputy commander of the brigade and today the director of its Museum and Commemoration site

 Liraz Cohen, IDF Website: 1 Sept. 2017

Yom Tov Chazan began his military service in the Barak Battalion, where he continued to serve as Sergeant Major battalion, he went to the officers’ course and advanced in the chain of command in a variety of positions in the brigade.
In 1987 he was discharged from the career army, continuing to serve as the deputy brigade commander in the reserves and later became director of the brigade’s museum and memorial site.
“I met him from my first week in the IDF, as a rookie in the Golani Brigade, and until my days as brigade commander,” said the chief of staff, Lt. Gen. Gadi Eizenkot, at the meeting.
“Yom Tov and the site is a place where you go through not only meetings with bereaved families, not just ceremonies, but every time you want good advice and experience . “said Eizenkot.
“The brigade commanders in the past worked with the IDF headquarters, in order to replace the color of the Golani brigade beret from the color of the IDF’s green, to any other color that would characterize the fighting infantry brigades, and that did not succeed,” said Yom Tov Hazan.
“When we finished the winter training, I drove the late prime minister Peres to the Order,” he recalls. “The late Chief of Staff Motta Gur was sitting next to me and Peres sat behind me and they consulted with me about what to give to the brigade. “Commanders, this is the opportunity the brigade wanted so much to get – replacing the beret.” During the order they already announced the replacement. ”
“We tried several colors on about five berets, and I went to the soldiers in the area of ​​their choice,” he continued. “I went back to the head of the General Staff at the time, Major General Yohanan Gur, with the decision. The soldiers wanted a brown color because it was the color of the earth. ”
“After us, all the units in the army understood the importance of the subject, and as a result we replaced the berets of the other units. This is what is called unit pride,” he said proudly.
“Yom Tov taught me and many other commanders that operationalism is fine, but in order for a unit to excel, it must excel in everything,” said Lt. Gen. Eizenkot, “We knew how to distinguish between the threatening appearance and the broad heart. The soldiers have a high level of professionalism in terms of order, organization and performance, and on the other hand we will take care of their fighting spirit, their meals and their basic conditions. ”
“In six decades, Yom Tov is in the Golani Brigade and at the memorial site, the Golani Brigade has about 100,000 soldiers, and I am sure there is not one soldier who does not know who Yom Tov is. said Lt. Gen. Eizenkot and summed up the meeting: “I assume that Yom Tov as Deputy brigade commander would say to me, “Habibi, eight hours before Shabbat, you have to leave.” So I would like to salute you on behalf of everyone who is here today and did not speak ,on behalf of dozens Thousands of soldiers and commanders, we value you and love you”.

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Chairman of the Golani Association Maj. Gen. (res.) Gabi Offir, members of the Board of Directors and members of the Association thank Yom Tov Hazan for the long period of his activities at the memorial site and museum of the Golani Brigade and his personal contribution to the legacy of the Brigade and it’s fallen. We wish Yom Tov a lot of health and continued fruitful work.


A farewell meeting with the legendary Golani officer, Col. (res.) Yom Tov Hazan A farewell meeting with the legendary Golani officer, Col. (res.) Yom Tov Hazan A farewell meeting with the legendary Golani officer, Col. (res.) Yom Tov Hazan