The Association appointed a committee for grants and scholarships,
headed by the Mayor of Rosh ha-‘Ayin, former IDF Head Officer of Education.

The purpose of the Association in establishing this committee is
encouragement of excellence and commendation of excellent soldiers serving and discharged.

The Association would like to relay a message to the soldiers,
that we the veterans of the Brigade support and expect personal example and high motivation of our soldiers executing their difficult duty and long service, sometimes under difficult conditions and for the duration of long and exhausting service.

In a ceremony which took place, 21 grants and commendation certificates were awarded to those discharged from the Brigade, and likewise, certificates of appreciation for 20 excelling soldiers continuing their service, who received a modest prize.

The evening took place with the participation of the parents of the excelling soldiers, representatives of bereaved families, the Brigade commander and commanders of the units.

It is important for us for our fighters to know that we appreciate their actions and do our best to ease their transition from national service to civilian life

and also to commend them during their ongoing service in the Brigade