Heritage Golani Brigade – General

The Golani Brigade was established on the 28th day of February, 1948 and due to the fact that it was the first permanent division in the IDF was dubbed “First Brigade”. As the most significant of the IDF’s fighting brigades, Golani participated in each and every war in Israel’s history, as well as in numerous non-war combat operations. The Brigade’s emblem, the olive tree, as shown here, is representative of some of the core values of the Brigade: the Israeli nation and the essence of man’s connection to the earth. The olive tree was endowed with many virtues: It is one of the seven species that the land of Israel was blessed with. It gives forth fruit – olives and good oil. The beauty of the tree is well known in the area, it is green year-round and provides shelter from the sun to all who seek it. The olive tree is prevalent in most of the areas in Israel, and reflects the fact that the Brigade fought in all parts of the land. It also symbolizes the deep rooted relationship of the Brigade to the land itself. This relationship is also memorialized in the brown color of the Golani Brigade’s caps, the color of the earth.


War of Independence in which the Brigade fought in various locations, most prominent of which are the Upper and Lower Galilee; Beit She’an and Gilboa; Jezreel Valley; Waddi Ara; Western Negev; Arava and Eilat; the Gaza Strip; Jerusalem – Mt. Scopus.
Period between the War of Independence and the Six Day War – not including the Kadesh Operation in which over and above its carrying the full burden of security throughout Israel’s borders, the Brigade participated in retribution actions, most prominent of which are: the Kinneret; southern Golan Heights; The Jordan Valley and Lebanon.
TheKadesh Operation in which the Brigade was active in Rafiach and the northern Sinai battles.
Six Day War in which the Brigade participated – the conquest of the Golan Heights and Nablus.
The period between the Six Day War and the Yom Kippur War protective actions, the Brigade participated in operations in Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt, in reprisals or defensive operations.
Yom Kippur War The Brigade participated in protective actions and an attack in the Golan Heights in the north.
The period between the Six Day War and the First Lebanon War (1982)besides their participation in defensive actions the Brigade took part in the following: the release of the Entebbe captives; the Litani action and many more, mostly in the Lebanon region (along the entire border and within Lebanon itself).
מלחמת לבנון הראשונה (1982) שבה נטלה החטיבה חלק בקרבות השונים החל מהבופור ועד ביירות.
The period between the first Lebanon War (1982) and the Second Lebanon War (2006) including the first Intifada (1987-1991) and the second (2000-2006) in which the Brigade acted in Lebanon as well as the vicinity of Judea and Samaria.
Second Lebanon War (2006) the Brigade was the main warrior in this war.The period since .
the Second Lebanon War The Brigade participated in actions in various locales most important among them are the “PILLAR OF DEFENSE” operation and the “PROTECTIVE EDGE” operation Gaza.