The Golani race is an educational Brigade event that commenced on October 2, 1979 and throughout the years became an important and exclusive event. The 2005 race was marked “ISRAEL WITH LOVE” the purpose of which is to thank Israeli citizens for their support of the Brigade routinely or in times of emergency.
The Golani Race has several purposes: endow the troops with the Brigade’s values and heritage by means of marking the battle sites from the Hermon to Eilat; voluntarism in the community and disseminating the heritage of battles from the war of 1948 until operation “Protective Edge”; encouraging youth to enlist to significant combat service; strengthening the relationship between Israel Defense Forces and the community by meetings and mutual activities; fostering values of love of country through its landscapes and sites; familiarity with the history of the State of Israel and the importance of maintaining physical fitness in order to be a professional warrior.

The Race is now in its 36th year with the exception of several periods caused by wars and operations in which the Brigade participated. This year, April 26th 2015, the Race is on its way. It began at the Mt. Hermon starting point in the presence of the Brigade’s commander, RasaanAlyan; battalion commanders and warriors. The race spanned some 830 kilometers throughout Israel and ended on April 30th in a festive ceremony in the “Flag” square in Eilat.

Students from various cities in Israel, as well as youth groups participated. City representatives and local and regional representatives who hosted this event were present, as were past commanders and members of the Golani Association. An exciting meeting took place at this event between the soldiers and the past commander of the Brigade (years 1978-1980) Commander David “Dovid” Katz. The event was arranged with the cooperation of the Board of Education; the Ministry of Defense (Security-social wing; the Bureau of families and commemoration; the Bureau of Rehabilitation) as well as the LIBIFoundation.