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“Mentor for Life” Association“-

The Mentor for Life Association’s goal is to enable discharged lone soldiers to have an equal opportunity of integrating into common Israeli life.
There are approximately 2,000 discharged soldiers without family in Israel who immediately become lonely citizens. The Association enables these soldiers to have a “mentor-for-life” who will accompany and guide them to adjust and integrate into the Israeli society.

“Reconnaissance Battalion” Golani Association
The “Reconnaissance Battalion” Golani Association was established and operated by volunteers.
The Association is registered and controlled by the Ministry of Justice with proper management approval. The funds are transferred to a bank account with receipts.
All operations are performed by the soldiers themselves as part of the Battalion guidelines and in full coordination with the orders of the army.

The Golani Corps of Engineers Associationי

A combat engineering unit that is one of the three elite units forming the Reconnaissance Battalion of the Golani Corps of Engineers Association.
“Flying Tiger” Association of the Reconnaissance Battalion
This Association was established in November 1982. The members are veterans of the Reconnaissance Battalion, parents of troops and bereaved families.
The goal of this Association is to work for the welfare of soldiers and alumni; perpetuate the fallen and foster the heritage. These are reflected by encouraging academic studies; entrance into the labor market; leadership education and social engagement. Alumni are characterized by a spirit of volunteerism, adaptability, leadership, ambition and dealing with difficulties in challenging and complex situations attributed only to elite units in the IDF. The Flying Tiger Association is based on two key components: support and advance manpower to the Israeli market thus contribute significantly, in the present and in the future, to the entire Israeli society.

Gideon Battalion Association (Facebook)

Gideon Battalion Association is an organization founded with the aim of instilling Battalion’s heritage facts for generations to come.