Memorial Site and Museum

The challenge: Upgrading of the Golani Memorial Site and Museum.

The members of the Association intend to devote substantial time for the sake of perpetuating the memory of the fallen and endowment of the Golani heritage which they represent.  One of the biggest complex tasks in this realm is to add advanced multi-media systems to the existing memorial books  which would clearly document the life story of every Golani fallen soldier.  The Association representatives will keep direct contact with the bereaved families and will continue to aid in every way by holding an annual memorial ceremony of the slain soldiers in the memorial site.


The Golani Museum, which is on the memorial site, includes maps of the battle-fields, photos, battle sketches, ammunition and means of fighting, reconstruction of military posts, video films in three languages (Hebrew, English, and Russian), and also a light-and-sound show in Hebrew and English.

The Golani Association strives to make significant improvements to the existing Golani site and to erect on the site a State Center for its Heritage, including:


An auditorium with a capacity of 400 to 500 persons

A modern and updated information and heritage center

A library and archive with active Internet stations

Classrooms in various sizes

A significant improvement of the essence of communion with the fallen fighter, by means of seating areas for communion of family members and friends with a multi-media presentation, which would be controlled and directed by them.

An open theater for 1,000 people for conferences, parades, and memorial services.

Throughout the space, shaded areas will be built, each of which will focus on the battle stories of a specific war, with photos, battle maps and an audio system, including seating benches and accessible areas for the disabled.

Organized parking for about 300 vehicles.


The new Golani Heritage Center with all its components will be planned in the stylistic character of the existing site and will constitute a homogeneous continuation of its character and design.  It will be one area with symbolic  character and intensity as exemplified in the current Golani site.

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