(To be realized gradually, over years, in relation to the contributions that will be received for those purposes both from Israel and abroad)


  • An award for the recruit – towel and a toiletries bag.
  • Association’s letter of recommendation to the recruit and the honorably discharged soldier.
  • Scholarships to the honorably discharged soldiers.
  • Gift for honorably discharged soldiers.
  • A preparatory course in citizenship.
  • Course for Assistance in Advance Command.
  • Grant assessment for graduating Golani officers upon their completion of the course and entering new positions.
  • Assistance and prizes for the divisional championship in standing orders and  sniping.
  • Integration of the Association at a ceremony marking the conclusion of  military training or termination of a military operation.

Benefits for the Brigade’s soldiers.

  • Renovation of homes for the soldiers: furniture, appliances and assistance
  • Accompanying and assisting the lone soldiers in their logistical and personal needs
  • Support – food packages for soldiers
  • Gifts for lone soldiers on holidays.

Backing for significant Brigade programs.

  • Assistance for the Golani Assembly.
  • Commanders’ Conference
  • Brigade Seminars.
  • Concentrated release of Golani soldiers.
  • Conclusion of officers’ courses.
  • Individuation.

The Golani Website Project

  • Renovation and infrastructure of the site.
  • Development of the informational and interactive site of the Museum.
  • Golani Hall
  • Regimental briefings on the site.

Support FOR Grieving Families

  • Participation in producing events.
  • Assistance in family-day tours.
  • Assistance in grants to families.

“Golani Network” Application

  • The legacies of the battles
  • Timeline of Golani operations and battles
  • Historical overviews

THE Golani Trail

  • The care and preservation of heritage sites across the country.
  • Erecting informational signs with the story of the battle at each heritage site.
  • Official confirmation for trailing the Golani Brigade’s involvement in decisive battles all across Israel

Codex of Commanders’ Stories

  • Concentrated list of past commanders who are willing to speak about the legacy of the Brigade’s soldiers.

THE Legacy of Operation DEFENSIVE Shield:

  • Assistance in publishing a book about the Golani legacy in Operation Defensive Shield
  • Producing a documentary film about Golani’s involvement in operation “Protective Shield”.