Hello and welcome to “Golani” Association Web site,

 Golani” Division carries a glorious heritage of struggle for the security of the State of Israel.

Since its inception on all fronts warfare this division was head of the IDF’s fighting forces and is the spearhead of Israel’s wars.

The quality of the “Golani” Division based on the quality of its people – commanders and fighters from all strata of the population and the Israeli society operating out of camaraderie, dedication and concern for the individual. 

The Division educates its soldiers on the values ​​of friendship, courage, perseverance and patriotism.

Unfortunately, over the years the division has lost many fighters and commanders in operations, training and routine.

Division commanders and soldiers remember the fallen, educators light of their heritage and keep in touch with the bereaved families.

Golani” Association website established and maintained by members of the Association “Golani” – brigade commanders and fighters who participated in past Israel wars and continue to do for the division. 

 Wishing you a happy surfing. 

Shlomi Binder, Colonel

Golani Brigade Commander